The City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Green Lodging Program in partnership with Green Seal are proud to announce the Green4Green incentive program to help Los Angeles area hotels go green. The incentive is intended to encourage hotels to join the Los Angeles Green Lodging Program by getting certified as environmental leaders through Green Seal. The program covers 50 percent of a hotel’s application fee to get Green Seal certified and 25 percent of the first year monitoring fee. 

By becoming Green Seal-certified, hotels will offer a healthier and greener experience to the millions of visitors who stay in the city’s hotels every year. Additionally, hotels that get certified will also be helping the City meet its 2020 goals for reduced energy and water use.

"Sustainability is smart business for our hospitality industry — it saves energy costs, and helps guests from all over the world understand that we're serious about doing our part to protect the planet," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Los Angeles already leads the country in committing to a sustainable future, and Green4Green will make that clear to millions of visitors. We are offering hotels a terrific deal to go green, and look forward to being their partners in environmental stewardship."

Other benefits of getting certified and participating in the program:

 • Participating hotels can save as much as $2,400 on application and monitoring fees.
 • Certified hotels see financial savings on utilities and waste disposal.
 • Green venues are considered essential by many convention and meeting planners.
 • Helps visitors identify and choose green hotels when planning to visit Los Angeles.
 • Hotels will be promoted on the websites of the City of Los Angeles and Discover Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board.
 • Green Seal offers resources and support to help hotels promote their certification to their guests and corporate clients.
 • Being certified makes it easier for hotels to be in compliance with state and local requirements.

Green Seal certification is a stringent environmental hotel certification. By submitting to a thorough review and on-site audit, hotels help protect human health and the environment by reducing waste, conserving water and energy, and instituting green management policies that include environmental purchasing and hazardous substance handling. These are all requirements of the Green Seal Standard for Hotels and Lodging Properties (GS-33), on which certification is based.

“When hotels participate in the LA Green Lodging Program they support the city’s broader Sustainable City pLAn as well as their community,” said Gary Petersen, Director of the Green Seal California office.

“LA Sanitation has been at the forefront in the City’s environmental efforts,” said LA Sanitation Director Enrique C. Zaldivar. “The Green Lodging Program is another example of our commitment with certified hotels, as well as certified businesses and arts facilities operating in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. With this new program, we encourage more hotels to go green.” 

“We know travelers are increasingly interested in eco-friendly lodging options and think Green Seal is a tremendous resource for our millions of visitors planning their visit to Los Angeles,” said Ernest Wooden Jr., president and CEO of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. “By becoming Green Seal-certified, L.A. hotels have an excellent communication vehicle for reaching eco-conscious travelers.”

Partners in the LA Green Lodging Program include the City of Los Angeles (Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office, Board of Public Works, LA Bureau of Environment & Sanitation, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power), the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, the Better Buildings Challenge, and Green Seal.

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A webinar about the grant and how to get certified will be held at a future date. Email to be notified as more details are available.

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