Assurance is pleased to recognize Buck Services as a Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Health (MRMH) Award recipient. Buck Services, a cleaning and maintenance service company based in West Chicago, Illinois, has been a client of Assurance the past four years.

The MRMH Award is open to all Assurance clients that work alongside the Top 50 U.S. insurance brokerage to achieve quantifiable results in minimizing workplace risk and maximizing the health and wellbeing of employees. Clients must meet certain criteria to qualify, including a large quantifiable reduction or improvement in a variety of key areas.

Assurance began working with Buck Services on its risk management initiatives in 2012 after the company experienced a sharp increase in workers’ compensation premiums. Assurance, together with Buck Services, laid out a three year plan to lower costs and minimize risk in the workplace. Part of this plan included a Safety360 diagnostic which looked at the entire safety program and provided specific recommendations for improvement. Some of those recommendations included:

·         Formailizing a safety committee
·         Creating a new company culture with an emphasis on safety
·         Educating supervisors and managers on accident investigation practices
·         Utilizing Assurance’s Risk Management Web Portal for safety trainings, handouts and incident tracking

Buck Services took the recommendations and provided the financial and executive support needed to create a thriving safety culture. This included the creation of an annual Safety Day which was organized and presented by their newly formed safety committee and had 90 percent employee participation.

By the end of 2015, the company experienced a 25 percent reduction in annual workers’ compensation costs and lowered their Experience Modification Rating – a factor used to deteremine annual workers’ compensation premiums based on losses – by .6, which is a big leap for any organization.

“The goal of the MRMH Award is to motivate more businesses to take a proactive approach to risk, safety and health. Doing so will not only result in savings, but also happier, healthier employees,” stated Dan Klaras, president at Assurance. “Buck Services is a great example of an organization dedicated to their employees’ overall safety and wellbeing. We’re fortunate to be working with a company that shares our passion for minimizing risk and maximizing health and look forward to all their future successes.”