Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), a global cost management consulting firm, announces the release of its latest whitepaper, “Office & Janitorial Suppliers: Insights to Realizing Greater Savings,” which outlines seven tips for organizations to uncover substantial cost-saving options in office and janitorial supplies.

“Office and janitorial supplies are two of an organization’s largest daily expense categories, yet for many, they receive the least attention when it comes to cost reduction strategies,” said whitepaper co-author John Lauchnor, ERA Director and Chairman of the ERA Office Supply Practice. “These purchases are often not treated as a strategic business decision, and as such, there is greater potential for over spending and random choices.”

Seven critical things organizations need to know about office and janitorial suppliers in order to make informed purchasing decisions, as identified by ERA, include:

1. Market landscape and trends impact pricing.
2. New developments and efficiencies have an impact on pricing.
3. Understanding the industry terminology and jargon leads to informed decision making.
4. Specific supplier cost drivers can affect your overall price.
5. Companies can leverage business practices and unique ways to contract.
6. Companies save when they set pricing benchmarks for similar companies with similar spends across geographies.
7. It’s vital to understand the true differentiation among suppliers.

“By examining the competitive landscape, analyzing current purchases and future needs, and taking a holistic view of purchasing power, organizations can uncover substantial cost-saving options in these supplier areas,” said whitepaper co-author Randy Mackay, ERA Director and Chairman of the ERA Cleaning Services Practice.

In the report, ERA explores these seven tips sharing how organizations can use them to realize greater savings on everything from paper goods to cleaning processes. To read the full white paper, click here.