In May, Anago Cleaning Systems, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, announced that Adam Povlitz would take over the role of company president from his previous role as executive vice president. Adam is the son of company founder David Povlitz.

“I believe that there are two things that you need to do in order to be a successful leader,” says former President Terry Mollica. “The first is to leave the company in a better place than it was when you took over and the second is to find a more qualified leader to be your replacement. There isn’t a more qualified and deserving man to take over the reins of Anago than Adam Povlitz.”

Before starting at Anago, Adam worked at IBM, which gave him firsthand experience on how to successfully manage large, growing companies. He also has a number of business degrees and certifications including an MBA from the University of Miami and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and he is an IFA Certified Franchise Executive.

Throughout the years of Adam’s tenure with the Anago brand, he worked closely with Mollica, who is an original founding partner of Anago and the current Master Franchise Owner in Jacksonville, Florida. Mollica began his career in the cleaning industry as a Unit Franchisee with a different brand but disliked how the Unit Franchisees were treated in that system. Partnering with David Povlitz at the onset of Anago’s creation, Mollica has been instrumental in the creation of Anago’s franchise system, and ultimately passing down a wealth of knowledge to Adam throughout his career.

“Terry has been a great mentor and teacher to me in preparation for my role as president of Anago,” says Adam. “His guidance and support have been invaluable. I am truly grateful for all he has taught me and I look to continue growing the Anago system throughout the remainder of 2015 and beyond.”

As a young business executive beyond his years, Adam is charged with building on the success the brand has seen so far in its lifecycle. Continuing to outperform his entire career, Adam noted that he is very excited for the opportunity to lead Anago into the future.

“Adam embodies the work ethic and dedication to the industry that Anago was built on,” says David Povlitz, founder of Anago, about his son’s new position. “I couldn’t be more proud or happy to announce Adam taking over the role of president. Through his hard work, both with Anago and outside of the system, he has continually strived to take Anago into the 21st centrury and technology advances to the next level.”

Under Adam's leadership, Anago is currently looking to add Master Franchises in strategic key markets such as Chicago, Houston, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.