A recent report from the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health reveals that custodians working with the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority - Boston's public transportation system) are overworked and exposed to poor and unsanitary conditions. According to officials, staffing cuts expected in September threaten to make matters worse.

According to a Boston Magazine article, the report claims janitorial staff are exposed to potential infectious bodily fluids—blood, vomit, and urine — as well as bacteria and viruses in the course of performing their daily cleaning duties, and don’t have enough supplies to clean these messes up properly.

The report is part of a continued effort to convince the MBTA that allowing staffing cuts due to a contract agreement with two cleaning companies will lead to messier stations for riders taking the MBTA, and a burdensome workload for janitorial staff.

The union predicts that projected cuts will result in a reduction in staffing of 90 out of 315 janitors, or 29 percent of the current workforce.

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