Basketball season is upon us, and athletes across the country have spent months training and practicing in preparation for the season. To assist with preparations off the court, Cintas Corporation has been busy helping stadiums prepare for the fans who will soon flood the arenas.

“Basketball is a game that requires precision, teamwork and skill to succeed,” said Erin Andrews, sports broadcaster for Fox Sports and Cintas spokesperson. “Off the court, the same rules apply. The stadiums and arenas hosting these events must rigorously prepare so they can also deliver a game-winning performance.”

At both the collegiate and professional levels, Cintas works in stadiums from Boston to Los Angeles and South Bend to Chapel Hill to improve their safety, security and image. Cintas services include:

Image Apparel: Uniforms are just as important off the court as they are on the court. They enable fans to easily identify employees, such as ushers or concession workers. Cintas delivers direct sale and rental uniform programs that enable stadium personnel to stand out. Cintas ensures uniforms not only have the proper look to match the stadium’s brand, but also have the fit to meet every employee’s unique size requirements. With a uniform rental program, Cintas launders soiled garments on a scheduled basis and repairs or replaces damaged apparel so employees always look their best.

Facility Services: From locker rooms to executive suites, Cintas provides expert deep cleaning services that combine high levels of heat, agitation and extraction to revitalize carpet and hard floor surfaces. Also, its restroom cleaning service is used throughout college and professional arenas to ensure that every urinal, commode and sink is cleaned and sanitized by removing bacteria and soil build up. Cintas’ new Signature Series line of restroom dispensers enables stadiums to show their team spirit by extending team colors into the restroom.

Document Management: Championships are won with great defenses.  Cintas Document Management gives your team the edge with the number one ranked defense in America for document shredding.  Along with a solid game plan for securing your playbooks off the court or in the secure cloud, Cintas Document Management has you covered for onsite hard drive destruction.  Plus, its online compliance training keeps your team playing by state, federal and international laws so you won’t have to worry about employee antics on or off the court.

First Aid & Safety: The injury of a star player can ruin a team’s season. Cintas works with arena administrators to develop a safety program that includes first aid supplies and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to protect workers, players and fans. With Cintas, high-quality first aid supplies are always available, organized and centrally located. As new teammates are brought to the game or job roles change, administrators can adjust the type and amount of supplies available. To reduce risks associated with sudden cardiac arrest incident (SCA), Cintas AEDs provide support during the critical initial minutes of an SCA incident, improving survival rates. Cintas also provides blended training solutions so stadium attendants know what to do in an emergency situation.

Fire Protection: Whenever there is a huge crowd, the threat of fire can present serious risks to an organization: employee and customer injury, noncompliance fines and damages to assets and the facility itself. Cintas works with arenas of all sizes to make sure all fire protection equipment is up to code and ready for use in the event of an emergency. This includes conducting required inspections for fire extinguishers, emergency lights, fire alarm, sprinkler and suppression systems. Cintas also provides equipment repair services to get a facility’s fire defense systems off the sideline and back in the game.

“In basketball, teams need to have a solid offense and defense in place to win games,” said Jamie Samide, Senior Director of Marketing, Cintas. “At Cintas, we are proud to provide the right mix of custom solutions to make sure that when the players take the court, the entire stadium is ready and positioned for victory.”