The Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning supplies and equipment welcomed a group of new products and participants.

  • Sanitaire-Electrolux Home Care Products of Charlotte, N.C. earned SOA Gold level on their SC535A-10 Quart commercial backpack model and SOA Silver on their SC530A-10 Quart commercial backpack model.

  • Specialty Products, Inc. of Yantis, Texas and their spot removers Paw & Claw Pet Stain and Odor Remover and Stain Blaster were added to the SOA's list of Certified Cleaning Solutions.

  • Tennant Co. from Minneapolis, Minn. earned Seal of Approval Gold on their Tennant EH1 100psi Heated, Tennant EH2 200psi Heated, Tennant EC2 200psi Non-Heated, and Tennant EH5 500psi Heated. Tennant Co. also received Silver on their Q12 model. For deep cleaning systems, Tennant Co. received SOA Platinum on its Tennant EH5 System.

  • Noble Industries of Holland, Mich. acheived SOA Gold on their portable models Explorer H1, Explorer H2, Explorer H5 and Explorer C2. Noble Industries also earned a Silver rating on their QuickClean 12 model

  • Windsor of Englewood, Colo. earned SOA Silver on the Chariot 3 (CE26 Duo) deep cleaning system.

  • Square Scrub from Jonesboro, Ark. achieved SOA Bronze on its Square Scrub System.


The SOA program now stands at 377 solutions, 451 vacuums, 103 deep-cleaning extractors and 111 systems for a total 1042.