Entrepreneur, philanthropist and retired founder of Impact Products LLC, a Toledo-based manufacturer and supplier of janitorial and sanitation maintenance (jan/san) products, James R. Findlay passed away today, leaving a long legacy of business accomplishments and community service.

“I know I speak for the Toledo community when I say Jim will be missed,” said Terry Neal, president and CEO of Impact Products LLC. “He was an exceptional human being as well as a respected business leader.

“Jim established integrity as a core value throughout the organization,” Neal continued. “His legacy lives on in the culture he created for all of his employees, from the plant workers to the executive suite. He led by example, with a helpful, caring attitude; he encouraged teamwork and fostered the ‘customer first’ mentality that continues today.”

Findlay founded Impact Products in 1963. He sold the company to the employees in 1987 via an employee stock ownership program (ESOP). He also established a first-of-its kind 401(k) plan for Impact Products’ manufacturers’ representatives.

Highly recognized in the jan/san industry, in 2002 Findlay was awarded the Manufacturer Representative Distinguished Service Award by ISSA.

In September, 2013, on the House Floor in Washington, D.C., Marcy Kaptur, (D) U.S. Representative for District 9 of the state of Ohio, paid tribute to Jim Findlay.

“The company’s name, Impact, is a testament to the impact one person can selflessly make on the lives of so many,” Kaptur said.

Kaptur lauded Findlay for his successful entrepreneurial endeavors and devotion to family and employees, calling him “a remarkable American.”