Pulire 2.0, which will be held in Verona from 21 to 23 May 2013, is the largest professional cleaning trade show in Italy and hosts the entire range of related products, including machinery, chemical products, equipment and components for professional cleaning and hygiene. Thirty years of service to professionals make Pulire a leading event in Europe, ranked second for importance and size, and one of the most influential globally. In 2011, it attracted 300 exhibitors, more than 10,000 visitors on over 16,000 square meters of display space, playing host to the largest international groups, industry pacesetters with the most innovative solutions. It involved foreign exhibitors from 21 countries around the world and visitors from 90 countries.

At Pulire, professionals in FMCG, HoReCa, hygiene and industry will find the most innovative solutions for any cleaning need.

The 2013 edition of Pulire is based on the Pulire 2.0 concept, a new way to view the trade show: dynamic, interactive, oriented toward building effective relationships. Pulire 2.0 is based on two applications to download to smartphones or tablets, one for exhibitors and one for visitors. Every visitor will be associated with a QR code with all related information including product sector, source, general information, so that the exhibitor can create directly on their table the database of visitors to their stand, in compliance with privacy regulations. They can set up their agendas and appointments with a match-making system. Exhibitors will also be able to view visitor statistics in real time and will know when a distributor they are interested in, for example, a distributor from Qatar, has entered the exhibition center. Every product shown can also have a QR code containing the specific information, to avoid printing catalogues and make it immediately consultable by visitors. The applications will provide information on the trade fair, pavilions and exhibitors.

"The 2.0 applied to a trade show signifies an interactive platform of relationships able to gather consensus across uniform segments on a number of topics related to industry or system themes or simply of the market, many months before the event takes place and for an extended time after," noted Toni D'Adrea, Managing Director of Afidamp Servizi, the company that organizes Pulire. "Exhibitors and visitors are no longer merely users of services but become an active and dynamic part of the system. Pulire 2.0 means creating a virtual space that is accessible to the market long before the physical event takes place which allows for supply and demand to interact in a multidirectional way."