STOKO, a company in the away-from-home skin care/hand hygiene market, has introduced a new logo that reinforces its identity as a business of newly named parent company Evonik Corporation, and also reflects the expanded role STOKO professional skin care products play in critical skin hygiene applications.

Effective January 1, 2013, Evonik Stockhausen LLC, which included the STOKO professional skin care business, was merged into the new Evonik Corporation as part of a corporate decision to join all Evonik businesses under one name. In keeping with this unification effort, the STOKO logo has been amended. The logo’s new look mirrors both the customized font and colors of the parent company. Moreover, notes Lori Huffman, STOKO senior marketing manager, it also provides customers a bridge to a more updated perception, and appreciation, of the STOKO business.

“STOKO customers will quickly recognize the repeating ‘waves’ from our previous logo,” Huffman explains. “However, we have transitioned from the original three waves, which referenced our three-point program for skin health – pre-work creams, skin cleansing and skin conditioning – to the inclusion of a fourth wave that reflects the important role we play in a major skin hygiene segment: control or reduction of microbial growth through sanitizers and antibacterial products.”

STOKO customers will begin to see label changes and packaging redesigns over the next 12 to 18 months.