Green Seal just released its "Green and Sustainable Resolutions for 2013." And according to Linda Chipperfield, VP of Marketing & Communications, the resolutions are designed for everyone "to help put protecting the environment and promoting sustainability at the top of our personal and corporate agenda in 2013."

Chipperfield adds that some of the resolutions may even help make our lives more organized and clutter free.

"For instance, about 60 percent of all the mail Americans receive is advertising mail — often referred to as junk mail — and half of it is never read,*" says Chipperfield. "However, there are ways to stop or at least minimize the amount of junk mail received. If more of us do this, it becomes a big step in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability."

Other Green and Sustainable Resolutions are:

• Replace conventional batteries with rechargeable batteries. Billions of batteries are disposed of every year. Rechargeable batteries save money and help the environment.

• Use cold water in all possible cleaning situations, from washing clothes to cleaning carpets. Many laundry and professional cleaning chemicals are now designed to work in cold water. 

• Select only third party, certified green products where available. This certification ensures that a product or service can back up its green claims, ensuring it truly has less impact on our health and environment.

• Reduce water consumption. Find ways to re-use and recycle water or not use it at all. 

• Be aware of energy-wasting appliances and electronics. Unplug whenever possible.

• Find ways to repurpose or repair what you buy. Donate or recycle old computers, cell phones and other electronics.

"And one resolution that should be at the top of everyone's list is to help green America's schools," adds Chipperfield. "We have to start teaching children early about how important it is to protect the environment and promote sustainability. What better place than in school?"