IEHA is pleased to be associated with the Department of Defense (DOD) - and particularly the Air Force medical facility cleaning and operations specification, known as Hospital Aseptic Management Service (HAMS) at United States Air Force Medical Treatment Facilities throughout the Continental United States - and wishes to salute the program and its contract service providers.
The purpose of HAMS's services and request for proposals (RFPs) is to procure healthcare services that help ensure medical aseptic processes and quality assurance in US Air Force medical facilities nationwide.
HAMS is a centrally procured service for all management and related support, labor, supervision, transportation, equipment and materials to provide complete aseptic operations for medical and dental facilities in the Air Force.  
HAMS defines Aseptic Cleaning as the removal of soil, and or grime from a surface that includes disinfection standards, policies, and procedures.
"We are pleased that the Department of Defense, and the US Air Force in particular, has specified in part that contractor personnel successfully responding to federal RFPs and seeking compliance with related Performance Work Statements (PWS) should be IEHA Certified Executive Housekeepers (CEH)," said Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA.
This is significant, Risinger continues, "because the contractor selected to provide cleaning and maintenance services at US Air Force medical centers must achieve a level of asepsis commensurate with the use of the facility, rooms, and areas including a primary focus on reducing the potential for exposure to pathogens, human blood and body fluids."
"We wish to congratulate the forward-thinking building service contractors, and in particular, San Antonio, TX-based Quality Services International, LLC (QSI), which has more than 50 IEHA Certified Executive Housekeepers (CEH) on staff, and has been at the forefront of government facility cleaning and maintenance programs."
"We at QSI have more than a generation of success in providing the best-run Hospital Aseptic Management Services along with Operations and Maintenance throughout the United States for the Department of Defense," said Francisco "Frank" Arevalo, President/CEO of Quality Services International, LLC.  "Our international expertise - honed and refined by our key staff all possessing IEHA Certification - is well established and our commitment to excellence begins with our personnel. Our motto is ‘Customer satisfaction in all we do.'"