The first NISSCO Distributor Roundtable regional meeting  concluded recently after two half-days of lively in-depth discussion, analysis, and experience exchange between the senior executives of six attending distributor companies. 

The group gathered at the hosting manufacturer, Kutol Products Company, located in Sharonville, Ohio and shared information and real-world experience on a multitude of topics including software systems, sales management, fleet maintenance, and sales compensation, to name a few.

"One of the most valuable experiences we can provide our Distributor Members is the opportunity to share real-world business knowledge at the top management levels," points out Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO. "Our Distributor Roundtable events provide an opportunity for senior executives to freely exchange information and share experiences that help them excel in many aspects of running their distributorships."

Echoing the business benefits of the meeting was Bob Bernet, vice-president of sales for Kutol Products Company. "Both the informal meetings and social time were invaluable and extremely productive for all in attendance," he points out. "There is no replacement for open discussion and idea generation between key decision-makers."

Attending the recent event were Joe Rhodenbaugh, president of Kutol Products Company; Terry Adams, Leonard Brush; Belinda Jefferson, Hercules & Hercules; Debra and Mark Elsesser, Lewistown Paper Company; Jim DLeo, National Office Suppliers; Weston Adams,  Leonard Brush; Mark Dardy, national sales manager, Kutol Products Company; Bob Bernet; Mark Bozich; and Bruce Heller, Cavalier, Inc.

As the hosting manufacturer, Kutol Products Company provided a tour of its LEED Silver Certified manufacturing plant and welcomed the group at an evening reception and dinner.

"We are very proud of our new, state-of-the-art, LEED Silver Certified manufacturing plant and are always excited to show it to visitors," says Joe Rhodenbaugh. "The facility is one of approximately 100 manufacturing plants in the country to obtain LEED Silver Certification, and one of the first  in the JanSan industry to be awarded the designation."

The next NISSCO Distributor Roundtable regional meeting will be on September 12-13, 2012 in Hickory, NC at the vonDrehle Corporation headquarters.