IEHA, in an effort to help ensure the scientific basis and technical accuracy of content published in its primary publication, Executive Housekeeping Today (EHT), has announced the installation of the new members of its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for peer-review of technical articles prior to publication.

"IEHA wishes to thank the core volunteer experts below for their hard work in offering peer-review of technical content in advance of it appearing in EHT," says Beth Risinger, CEO/Executive Director of IEHA. "Coupled with the skills and experience of our senior editor, Laura DiGiulio, we believe this will make EHT more valuable to the cleaning industry — and especially to IEHA members — than ever before."

DiGiulio adds:  "In addition, IEHA wishes to thank the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) for providing a new quarterly Cleaning Science column to EHT. This is in keeping with our commitment to present science-based information to our members resulting in cleaner, better-validated, and healthier indoor environments."

The EHT Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) currently includes:

Ada Baldwin, REH, Asst. Director of Facility Services
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Adj. Professor, Division of Environmental Health
University of Arizona

Russell J. Kendzior, President
National Floor Safety Institute

Allen P. Rathey, President
The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI)

Benjamin D. Tanner, Ph.D., President
Antimicrobial Test Laboratories

Heidi Wilcox, Laboratory Technician/Field Specialist
Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
University of Massachusetts Lowell

"We expect this core group of peer-advisors to grow as we implement this publication strategy and reach out to scientists and members of academia interested in advancing cleaner and healthier facility environments via accurate and authoritative communications," said Risinger.