The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) released additional details surrounding the transition to return its name to the IICRC, keeping the cleantrust as the service mark of the organization. The decision to return to the IICRC was voted on by the board of directors on March 16, 2012.
Keeping the official name of the organization IICRC, while using the cleantrust, an IICRC program, in consumer-facing materials, allows the organization to build on its more than 40-year history of identifying and promoting an international standard of care for the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries. The IICRC will continue to issue certifications, write and promote standards, and approve schools and instructors. All industry communications will refer to the organization as the IICRC.
As a service mark of the IICRC, the cleantrust should be used by Certified Firms and technicians on all consumer-facing materials. Using the cleantrust logo as a service mark will enable more name recognition and end-user awareness outside the industry, which has been cited by registrants as one of the organization's greatest challenges. With the cleantrust logo and patches, IICRC technicians will be easily recognizable as consumers look for and trust symbols of technical proficiency and high ethical standards.
All cleantrust materials previously purchased for end-user recognition or communication may continue to be used. Moving forward, whenever the cleantrust is listed, it will be noted that it is an IICRC program, linking the two together.
"We've heard feedback from registrants and feel the combination of IICRC and the cleantrust, an IICRC program, will help our organization honor its position in the industry while generating increased end-user awareness," said Darrell Paulson, IICRC chairman. "We're poised for growth as we move into the future with open lines of communication and an opportunity to market ourselves beyond the industry."
The IICRC will retain the use of the updated logo, which represents the strength and breadth of the organization. Updated materials with the new IICRC logo and design will roll out gradually in the coming months. The website has been redesigned according to these guidelines and is now live at