Due to increasing concerns about the use of fragrances in cleaning products, Enviro-Solutions has released a clarification concerning which of their products contain fragrances.
According to Mike Sawchuk, Vice President and General Manager of Enviro-Solutions, this clarification was necessary because “as more facilities, especially schools, transfer to Green cleaning, they are concerned [that] the fragrances added to some cleaning and related products, both Green and conventional, might be unhealthy for building users and the environment.”
Many cleaning products contain fragrances, in part as a marketing tool--to help sell the product to the end-customer.
However, many fragrances are derived from petroleum; a non-renewable resource which we now know can trigger allergic reactions in some people.
These reactions can occur as a result of either inhaling a fragrance or absorbing it through the skin. Skin and eye irritation, as well as more serious issues such as breathing problems, can and do occur.
Even fragrance ingredients that are derived from what are termed “natural” compounds can still lead to allergic reactions in sensitive persons.
According to Sawchuk, only the company’s two hand soaps contain a fragrance. However, the hand soaps are considered safe to users and the environment and “are certified Green by EcoLogo CCD-104,” notes Sawchuk.
“In manufacturing the two fragrances, the code of practice established by the International Fragrance Association is closely adhered to,” adds Sawchuk. “And if required, we can also make these two products fragrance free.”
Sawchuk adds that none of the company’s other products contain fragrances and that almost all of the company’s products are Green certified by EcoLogo, GreenSeal, or are DfE registered as Green.