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Executive Sales & Management Master Franchise

Type: full time
Company Type: Building Service Contractor
Location: FL
Apply at: paul@jantize.com

Franchise Expansion Visionary:

Leading the charge in expanding the Jantize empire through strategic franchise development, leveraging your expertise in business and golf to drive growth.

Strategic Sales Leadership:

Spearheading sales initiatives with a keen focus on creating opportunities for franchisees, utilizing your extensive experience in franchising to drive revenue and market share.

Business Development Maestro:

Orchestrating business development efforts, you orchestrate partnerships, collaborations, and innovative strategies to position Jantize America as a market leader in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Franchise Expert Extraordinaire:

Tapping into your deep understanding of the franchising landscape, you guide franchisees through the intricacies of the Jantize model, ensuring success and sustainable growth.

Golf-Inspired Leadership:

Infusing your passion for golf into leadership, you drive a culture of excellence, precision, and teamwork within the Jantize America franchise network.

Majority Shareholder Wisdom:

Bringing your significant influence as the majority shareholder to the forefront, you provide strategic direction and decision-making prowess that shapes the future of Jantize America.

Jantize Empire Architect:

As the Managing Member, you architect the expansion blueprint, ensuring that every move contributes to the legacy and continued success of the Jantize brand.

These descriptions highlight your key roles and showcase the unique blend of skills and experience you bring to the Jantize America franchise.

Apply at: paul@jantize.com