Carpet Spotter
Core Products
Crystal Spot™ Anti-Re-Soiling Spot and Stain Remover uses a unique polymer formula that combines with Hydrogen Peroxide, orange oil and wetting agents to attack tough stains. Users simply spray the spot or stain and agitate with a clean towel.
Microfiber Cloths
MicroQuick™ microfiber cleaning cloths are 100 percent pure microfiber constructed using circular knitting and wrapper stitching. The cloths can be used on most surfaces and remove contamination more efficiently than regular cloth towels. The product can be laundered up to 500 washes.
Superior Mfg. Group
The AquaTRU™ Series consists of three rubber-backed entrance mats made from a high-quality tufted Decalon™ yarn. These mats offer aggressive scraping action and good moisture retention. The mats are available in three distinct patterns.
Ride-On Extractor
The AquaRide™ Extractor is available with the patented AXP™ onboard detergent dispensing system. This system eliminates pre-mixing of detergent and water because the two are stored separately in the machine until the solution is sprayed on the scrub head. This technology prevents detergent waste and increases productivity by eliminating the need to dump the solution tank.

Maintenance Cart
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
The Ladder Cart provides a safe, secure means of transporting a six-foot step ladder, as well as other awkward materials such as four-foot florescent bulbs. The cart features tool and material shelves, plus a locking metal cabinet option. The cart also serves as a comfortable, stable and durable working platform.
All-Purpose Cleaner
Procter & Gamble
Spic and Span® 3-in-1 Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray & Glass Cleaner replaces three types of products: disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners and glass cleaners. The hospital-grade disinfectant cleans to a streak-free shine, reducing the need to buff.

ITW Alma
CleanStep™ mats are adhesive-coated to capture particles from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they can get tracked into the workplace. The mats feature multi-layered refills available in 30 or 60 layers. The product is available in a larger 34- by 44-inch mat on a 36- by 46-inch frame.
Bio-Based Products
Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.
BioRenewables product line is based on ingredients that are derived from agricultural and forestry materials, such as soy, corn and coconut. Products include TriBase Multi Purpose Cleaner, SoyStrong Industrial Degreaser, Ready-to-use Graffiti Remover SAC and SoyStrong Waterless Hand Cleaners.
Towel Dispenser
Scott Paper
Titan™ Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser helps reduce the potential for cross-contamination by only allowing users to touch the towels they use. The dispenser can be used with the company’s high-absorbent Embassy® towels. The product is useful in food processing facilities.
Restroom Cleaning

The C2™ Cleaning Companion is battery powered, self contained and highly maneuverable to clean restrooms fast and with ease. The machine is extremely quiet allowing for cleaning at any time of the day. The product features a 1/2-gallon per minute flow rate.
Concentrate Cleaner and Dispenser
Rochester Midland Corp.
The PROXI Dispensing System dilutes PROXI Concentrate Hard Surface Cleaner four different ways, resulting in four different cleaning products: a heavy-duty spray-and-wipe cleaner, a washroom cleaner, a glass and mirror cleaner, and a mop and bucket/autoscrubber cleaner. The concentrate uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to remove hard-water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum.
Urinal Cover
Johnnycovers™ take malfunctioning urinals out of service. The cover features a clip that conforms around the water-supply pipe of the urinal and has elastic around the entire periphery allowing it to fit any size wall-hung urinal.

Green Floorcare Line
Pioneer Eclipse
The EnviroStar Green® FloorCare System is both certified by Green Seal and recognized by the EPA Design for the Environment Program (DfE). The line includes floor coating, all-purpose cleaner, and floor stripper.
Robotic Vacuum
Intellibot Robotics LLC
The IV 800™ robotic vacuum is designed for large carpeted or hard surface hallways in hospitals, office buildings, hotels, convention centers and other facilities that get heavy traffic and must be cleaned frequently. The vacuum uses navigation and sonar sensor technology and works for long periods with minimal human intervention.
Microfiber Mop
TxF Products
The microfiber tube mop features the company’s SuperGlide™ material that provides improved mopping performance with less dripping and lint-free results. The microfiber material cleans floors without the drag from friction. The mops are available in three weights.
Rider Scrubber
The Razor® Blade rider scrubber is compact enough to fit through doorways. The rider scrubber is able to turn in tight spaces including elevators and aisles, making it useful for convenience stores, healthcare and educational facilities, retail environments and office buildings.
Anywhere Hard Surface™ daily sanitizing spray is as gentle as water yet is still strong enough to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. Users can spray the product on virtually any hard surface and then walk away without rinsing or wiping. The spray can be used around kids, pets and food.
QuietPRO™ backpack vacuum is useful in hospitals, libraries, call centers, schools, day-cleaning sites and other locations where minimal sound disruption is a requirement. The vacuum features patent-pending noise suppression technology, two-speed motor and Four Level Filtration®.
Green Products and Services
Green Clean Supply
The company is a single-source provider of “all things green.” They offer up-to-date courses, products and tools that enable in-house cleaning professionals to make the shift to green cleaning services.
Damp Mop
Unger Enterprises
The SmartColor Damp Mop is useful for a variety of floor types, including marble, linoleum, wood and vinyl. The low-moisture, high-absorbency damp mop features durable, 100 percent high multi-polyester microfiber that can endure up to 500 wash cycles. The mop dries floors as fast as a traditional mop.
Bird Deterrent
Bird-X Inc
The Super BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic repeller that users program to repel specific bids, including pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls, woodpeckers, crows, blackbirds, grackles and geese. The deterrent uses species-specific distress cries, so pest birds perceive danger to their own species.
Steam Cleaning System
Advance Vapor Technologies
The VaporJet® PC2400 uses a continuous stream of chemical-free steam vapor that reaches temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize and clean surfaces with no downtime. The machine is useful in hospitals, schools and universities, industrial plants and foodservice facilities.
Carpet Extractor
Minuteman Intl. Inc
The Ambassador™ Series of a self-contained carpet extractor offers models of two cleaning widths: the 14-inch Ambassador Jr. and the 17-inch Ambassador. Both models feature a compact and all electric design. The machines are useful in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools.
Floor Rinse
Bright Rinse ultra low-foaming, neutralizer/winter rinse is designed for autoscrubbers and mop/bucket. The product features a blend of surfactants and neutralizers that removes alkali stripper residue from floors before recoating and dissolves ice-melt compound.
The Sanitaire Contractor series of commercial upright vacuums are designed to withstand the everyday abuse of commercial cleaning. The vacuums feature an impact resistant fan, full coverage furniture guard, over-molded rear wheels with bearings, quick change power cord and a fingertip switch.
Stripping Pad
ETC of Henderson
The Diamondback® pad is an extreme stripping pad with more abrasive grit and a larger grit size. The pad is designed with an open weave construction that enables it to hold more load without clogging in heavy buildup situations.

Dilution Control
SUDS (Safe User-Dispensed Solutions) dilution control system complements the Regency Professional Brand cleaning chemical product line. The dispenser provides correct dilutions of Power Spray Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Restroom Cleaner, Neutral Floor Cleaner, General Purpose Cleaner, Lemon Scent Odor Counteractant and Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner.
Grout Brushes
Racine Industries
Host® Red Brushes are designed to clean dirty grouted tile floors. When used with the Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System, the brushes dislodge dirt and grease, leaving floors clean, dry and ready to use in minutes.
Grill Squeegee
The Sizzler Plus features a silicone rubber blade that easily squeegees flat grills. On its flipside is a seven-inch stainless steel scraper to remove tough residue. The 22-gauge stainless steel blade self-sharpens with angle of use and the rubber blade is recommended for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Disinfectant Cleaner
This acid-based cleaner is designed for acid-resistant natural and cast stones, ceramic tiles and synthetic materials, glass and stainless steel. The product is useful in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and institutional environments.
Green Floor Finish
Essential Industries
Green Finish floor finish is Green Seal GS-40 certified. It is a zinc-free, 20 percent solids finish and sealer that protects and beautifies all floors including vinyl tile, terrazzo and stone substrates. The finish applies easily, dries quickly to a high gloss and repairs easily.
Extractor Wand
Bext® Chat wand attachment for the company’s extractor cleans tile and grouted floors with 300 PSI and 200-plus degree heated solution. The wand features heavy-duty nylon bristles that agitate grounded in dirt, and also features two squeegee blades for faster cleanup.
Feminine Hygiene
The Hygobag feminine disposal system provides a private and tidy disposal of feminine hygiene products. The bag system helps decrease restroom odors, reduce toilet clogs and staff exposure to blood borne pathogens.
Automatic Scrubber
NaceCare Solutions
The TwinTec 4552 walk-behind, battery autoscrubber features a patented flip-up head for easier changes, a fully adjustable handle and a quiet vacuum motor for noise-sensitive areas. The machine’s easy-to-use control panel alerts the operator to vacuum, water flow, brush and battery status, and offers an hour meter.
Multipurpose Cleaner
KaiO multipurpose cleaner is Green Seal certified. The pH-neutral cleaner is designed for use in the company’s No-Touch Cleaning systems for cleaning restroom fixtures, floors, stairs, tiles and walls.