Can mats decrease the threat of slip and fall accidents?

Yes. That is their most important job. A well-made mat increases the coefficient of friction of the floor to give people a safer walking path. If the mat is absorbent, it will also wick water, ice, and snow from shoes to keep floors dry. But you need to be sure to get one heavy enough or that adheres tightly to the floor surface to resist the rippling that causes trip accidents. They are definitely great for trapping dirt and dust but the aesthetics of any facility have to come second to basic safety. 
  — Daniel Silver, Vice President of Product Development, New Pig, Corp.

Yes – a comprehensive matting system at the entrance of a facility is usually implemented to decrease slip and fall accidents as it removes soil, dirt, sand, debris and liquids from shoes before hitting the hard floor. Not only does this help to keep the individual who is walking through the entrance safe, but also helps to keep the employees and guests following them safe.
  — Aaron Mills, Marketing Manager, 3M Commercial Solutions Division

Yes, absolutely! Matting adds a layer of safety to any facility. It increases the coefficient of friction and stops dirt and water from being tracked into the building.
  — Brian Evans, National Sales Manager, Superior Manufacturing

Yes, mats remove debris and moisture from the bottom of shoes before stepping onto interior, potentially slippery surfaces.
  — JoAnn Durette, Vice President of Marketing, Mats, Inc.

Floor mats are one of the simplest ways to bolster safety in any facility. In any place where you are working with water, oil or you simply risk slippery floors, adding floor mats is a key way to prevent injuries. Choosing mats with anti-slip backing is important.
  — John Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Americo Manufacturing

Matting is a great product to help customers in preventing Slip, Trip and Falls. Keeping both the surface of the facility and the shoes of the visitor or employee dry and clean is the number one deterrent to stopping slip and falls. Matting is the best product solution for assuring a dry and clean facility.
However, matting must be maintained as well as monitored. Attention to mat movement, curling of edges, saturated mats with water or dirt can add to the risk if not properly maintained.
  — Mark Roberts, National Accounts Specialist, The Andersen Company

Without question matting, properly placed, and maintained, will reduce the risk of trip and fall.
  — Mitchell Saltzman, President, Proform

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