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Moving forward, communication will be the key to educating frontline workers on the cleaning protocols that are in place in facilities. Cleaning operators and managers in commercial facilities should be displaying visual prompts for employees to use that highlight personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting practices. The signage will also communicate to building occupants and visitors that businesses are following procedures that are critical to reinforce confidence among everyone who enters the facility. 

In addition to communication, managers should consider what enhancements they can make to limit touchpoints within these spaces. Examples of these include automatic soap, sanitizer and towel dispensers, touch-free sinks and foot pulls on doors. 

Facilities, their managers, and their cleaning staff should also focus on common sense cleaning that is based on public health recommendations. This will ensure that facilities are creating clean and safe environments during and beyond the pandemic.  

To assist businesses and workplaces across the spectrum, the American Cleaning Institute worked during the pandemic with experts from leading cleaning product and chemistry producers — member companies — to create valuable resources on cleaning and hygiene. Adapted from public health guidelines, the materials can be printed and hung in shared spaces, restrooms, kitchens and beyond. They can also be shared digitally in newsletters, on social media and via other channels.  

ACI offers examples of materials that can be shared year-round in a variety of commercial, scholastic, healthcare and daycare settings: 

Offices/Small Businesses 

The goal of “Healthy Returns” is to support businesses as they prepare for reopening. The toolkit is also meant to help reinforce confidence among staff and building occupants through effective cleaning and disinfecting best practices. Resources include hygiene posters, employee and employer cleaning checklists, a ‘dirty dozen’ handout on frequently touched areas, and a decal for businesses to display to show their dedication to a clean and safe environment.  

Another useful resource for facility cleaning managers is the easy-to-understand fact sheet on “How to Read a Cleaning or Disinfectant Product Label.” These materials break down key information found on the label and provide specifics about what to look for to ensure that the staff is using products safely and correctly. 


Class of Clean” is targeted toward college students and can be distributed by college and university student life, as well as custodial services. The toolkit arms college students with an arsenal of highly visual and informative resources, addressing everything from the basics of cleaning and laundry to dividing cleaning responsibilities in shared living spaces.  

K-12 Schools 

Healthy Schools, Healthy People” is a joint initiative between ACI and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dedicated to supporting school systems nationwide with tools to help reinforce proper hand hygiene and cleaning practices. Meanwhile, the “Commit to Clean” toolkit offers classrooms checklists, staff posts and handwashing posters to help keep students safe, healthy and in school.  

Day Care/Childcare Centers 

The “C is for Clean: Building Blocks of Healthy Child Care Toolkit” provides evergreen, easy-to-understand recommendations on disinfecting, cleaning and hygiene protocols to help keep childcare centers safe and healthy. Designed to serve all members of the childcare community — from providers and employees to children and parents/caregivers — the materials included within the C is For Clean toolkit echo public health guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning. They also reinforce hygiene basics and provide childcare operators, staff and parents with an array of highly visual and informative resources. 

Cleaning the right way — and providing the proper products, protocols and procedures — helps ensure a safety and healthy environment in the workplace. By doing this, facility managers are showing that cleaning is caring.  

Brian Sansoni is the Senior Vice President of Communications, Outreach & Membership at American Cleaning Institute. He has more than 20 years of experience communicating the value, benefits, safety and sustainability that cleaning products bring to everyday life in commercial and healthcare settings. Kristin DiNicolantonio is the Director of Stakeholder Communications and has over 10 years of experience promoting ACI’s technical and scientific expertise. More information about the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) can be found at

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