Keeping VCT looking like new can be arduous work. Experts share their top dos and don’ts to ease the process and improve the outcome:

 • Do dust mop daily and before burnishing or spray buffing to avoid grinding dirt into the finish. Skipping this step will have a detrimental effect on the floor’s appearance in the long term.

 • Do dilute chemicals properly. Products that are not measured accurately could leave cleaning residue on the floor, which attracts more dirt.

 • Do change dirty water frequently. Over time, dirt ends up impregnated in the finish.

 • Do match the floor pad to the task: Cleaning pads for cleaning, burnishing pads for burnishing and stripping pads for stripping.

 • Don’t use hot water. Floor finish is water-soluble, so use cool water instead.

 • Don’t apply too much finish. More will make the floor  more dull, not shiny.

 • Don’t apply finish wall-to-wall. Apply one light coat around the edges, keeping off the baseboards, and stay away from the wall with subsequent coats. People don’t walk next to the wall and it will be easier to strip when the time comes.

 • Don’t overlook safety. Understand slip resistance and maintain a log of the floor’s coefficient of friction.


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