Simple Solution Revitalizes Gym Floor

Contributed by Bona US

Cannon Memorial YMCA’s Kannapolis branch, North Carolina, has seen several renovations since opening in 1987 and remains a hub for programs and activities that use the 10,800-square-foot gymnasium. These community events — religious gatherings, community fairs and fundraisers — expose the wood gymnasium floor to harsh, repetitive use that causes deterioration to the floor finish.

Selection of the right refinishing products was the impetus for Brent Rockett, senior director of operations for Cannon Memorial YMCA, to reach out to Diversey’s floor care experts. Together, the team surveyed the gym floor and discussed the current program and products used, as well as gained insight into the maintenance history.

Despite having been refinished within the past year, the team noticed significant wear on the floor. Maintenance had been lacking over the years due to budget constraints, according to Rockett, and there was a mix of water- and oil-based finishes on the floor, creating confusion about which type of finish he should be using. It was also important to reduce downtime and maintain the appearance of the flooring during the refinish process.
Based on these criteria, Rockett chose to use Wood Care by Diversey, powered by Bona US, a program that features smart systems and a range of Bona water-based products sold exclusively by Diversey.

To reduce time and labor, a clean-abrade-coat process was implemented. The Bona FlexiSand machine was used for simple and quick cleaning and abrasion, with minimal dust or disruption. The machine can be run with or without the vacuum and has the ability to incorporate a backpack vacuum, further reducing dust.

Bona’s abrasion system incorporates a proprietary multi-disc drive plate that creates the perfect surface for a Bona finish system. Diamond impregnated discs are applied to the interface pads, which spin independently of one another, virtually eliminating swirls and scratch marks and leaving the floor surface smooth and flat.

After dry dusting and wet tacking the floor, the team cleaned it with a TASKI autoscrubber and applied two finish coats of Bona SuperCourt Optum.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and exceeded expectations.

“The gym looks terrific. I can’t wait to hear our member’s feedback,” said Rockett. “We were ecstatic with the planning, setup, process, open communication and end results. I hope they see it as a success, because the staff and members of the Cannon Memorial YMCA absolutely see it as such.”

Wood Care by Diversey, powered by Bona, advanced water-borne finishes can outlast the durability of oil while retaining the same high level of shine and build. In most circumstances, the finishes require three to four hours to dry, are ready for light activity in 24 hours and play in 48 hours.

Also, use of Bona water-based products don’t require a full sanding at the same intervals as oil-based finishes. There is a lower environmental impact on indoor air quality and those applying the finish are working with a less toxic product.

Rockett was also pleased that the products won’t discolor the gym floor.