As Housekeeping Solutions closes out our last print issue of the year, I can’t help but look back at all the great things we have done over the last 12 months.

Market By Market has been very well received by our readers. The column has allowed us to focus on specific market segments that our readers serve and the pressing issues that those markets face.

With the introduction of the Housekeeping Solutions Update (electronic issue e-mailed out every other month) I have had the opportunity to reach out to more readers and have enjoyed hearing their feedback from the “Ask Your Peers” section. The additional issues have also encouraged ongoing conversations among readers and allowed for feedback in a timely manor.

Earlier this summer, I was happy to announce the relaunch of The site was updated to include a plethora of new features that would prove to be valuable to our readers. Daily news continues to be a huge draw, as does daily product features and weekly case studies. Completely new to the industry were our industry-specific blogs, which generated some great buzz among our readers. The blog is updated regularly and focuses on topics impacting the in-house cleaner. CleanTips, a new section featuring both video and audio podcasts specific to the industry, was added just last month and has already received great feedback from Housekeeping Solutions readers.

Finally, has proven to be a sought after tool for cleaners in search of industry specific information. Now featuring article and distributor searches, in addition to general industry searches, this tool continues to be of value to our readers. (Think Google, but specific for the cleaning industry.)

Until our next issue, these will prove to be valuable tools for in-house cleaning managers looking for breaking news and up-to-date information on the industry.

All-in-all it has been a good year, but as we move forward, I am excited about all the possibilities that 2008 will bring.