Three years ago, in this very column, I shared with you my frustrations with the lack of recognition allotted to worthy custodial executives. I commented, then, that so many of you go above and beyond your traditional job duties, and yet, rarely receive the acclaim you deserve. 

Well, I have finally done something about it.

Earlier this year, we opened up nominations for the Facility Cleaning Decisions Manager of Distinction Award. We asked you to nominate yourself, a coworker, a boss or even a friend that deserved to be recognized for the managerial contributions provided to their department and the entire profession. Your response to the award was more than we ever expected.

Roughly 100 entries were submitted showcasing exceptional management style, organizational achievements, above-and-beyond job performance, and demonstrations of managers contributing value to both their facility and the profession as a whole.

Narrowing down these nominations was no easy task, as the pool of qualified candidates was quite extensive. But, based on the above, our editorial/publishing panel successfully outlined six professionals that exemplify the meaning of “Manager of Distinction.”

These six executives will be announced in our September/October issue, where each award winner will be featured and recognized for going that extra mile.

On a more personal note, many of the submissions also included personal anecdotes of great humanitarian acts both in and outside the professional cleaning realm. Even though these were not qualifications of the award, they were a joy to read. I knew that I was surrounded by exceptional people within this industry, but the reminders of such greatness was heartwarming.

My plan is to continue offering this award again next year, but in the meantime, I hope that, award or not, you continue to send in stories of the fantastic managers you come across. You never know when one might be featured within our pages.