Most everyone agrees that small, walk-behind autoscrubbers are more productive than a mop and bucket. Not only is the overall cleaning process quicker and more efficient with a machine, but the end result is a spotless, streak-free floor.

“The mop and bucket is so 1930s,” says Teigman. “It can leave a sticky residue on the floor, and it doesn’t suck up, absorb or extract. You’re basically transferring dirt from point A to point B using the bucket as the conduit. We try to discourage customers from using them because they’re not achieving anything.”

The autoscrubber, on the other hand, contains two separate tanks that segregate the clean solution from the dirty water. Unlike a mop that glides over the surface of the floor spreading dirt, the autoscrubber deposits the clean chemical onto the surface, agitates it with a brush or pad, and immediately sucks up the dirty water into a separate recovery tank, leaving the floor dry and clean.

Not only does the autoscrubber do a better job of cleaning the floor, distributors point out that it also reduces the amount of time it takes to complete the job, which translates into significant labor savings.

“According to industry standards, a scrubber has a run time of approximately 10,000 sq. ft. per hour,” says Teigman. “A mop and bucket and a man can clean about 1,000 sq. ft. an hour in the first half of a shift, tapering off to approximately 800 sq. ft. per hour as the custodian becomes fatigued.”

Furthermore, the use of compact floor equipment consolidates or eliminates secondary cleaning tasks — another plus for time-strapped custodians and budget-conscious facility managers.

“A machine improves upon the overall cleanliness of the floor, thus leading to fewer frequencies of deep cleanings, which can be labor-intensive,” notes Allen.

On tiled floors, for example, mopping can leave grout lines caked with dirt that builds up over time, eventually leading to the need for restorative cleaning. At the same time, using autoscrubbers on VCT tile can help to consolidate daily and restorative cleaning processes.

“With a daily cleaner and restorer, and the right color pad, you could actually restore some of the shine to the floor with a small scrubber, thereby eliminating the need to come back and buff the floor,” says Kent.

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