There are very few facilities throughout the United States that can accommodate the thousands of jan/san representatives expected to attend this years ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America. But, Sept. 8-11, “The One Show” that focuses on the jan/san market will travel to Las Vegas and the staff of the Las Vegas Convention Center is ready for it.

Some might think that since all eyes will be on Vegas, preparation must go above and beyond in anticipation for the show. In fact, it is business as usual at the convention center.

Taryle Spain, senior manager of client services at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority comments that representatives from the facility staff have attended ISSA/INTERCLEAN in years past and they know what to expect and have prepared accordingly.

“Our approach to this year’s show is business as usual,” says Spain, “trusting all daily operations procedures will cover all areas. Prior to and during the show, inspections will be stepped up to ensure quality service.”

Anticipating The Show

Hosting industry experts that will potentially criticize and critique the facility can be a daunting reality for many facility managers. In anticipation of this, some facilities have chosen to incorporate updates prior to their events. In Las Vegas, that isn’t necessary.

“ISSA will be held in a portion of our facility which is over 50 years old,” says Spain. “Our staff does a remarkable job with maintaining the area, while providing excellent customer service.”

That said, although it is not a result of this show, the convention center is expected to undergo a major renovation and expansion within the next 3 to 4 years. The renovation will include a remodeling of the older areas and will result in an enhanced final product.

Although major renovations are not expected prior to ISSA/INTERCLEAN, attendees can expect to see minor updates in the form of product placement throughout the facility — from hand sanitizers to urinal screens and mats.

And even though they are only small additions, the cleaning team will be affected and additional preparation must be considered. Staffing, for instance, should be evaluated and sometimes altered depending on the needs on the show floor.

“Due to the size of our facility, staffing is determined before, during and after the show, pending show traffic,” says Spain. “For example, minimal coverage may be in place on the last day of the show, while maximum coverage will be determined by the supervisor in that area.”

The convention center staff currently features 45 full-time custodians working in three shifts, each providing distinct cleaning tasks.

Spain adds, “The day shift handles show support, the swing shift covers in-depth cleaning and the night shift focuses on maintenance and upkeep.”

Benefits Of Hosting

Attending a show such as ISSA/INTERCLEAN offers individuals the opportunity to stay informed about new cleaning techniques, update educational opportunities, review equipment and products, as well as network with others in the industry. Most facilities can only afford to send one or maybe two representatives to a show, but as a host, all members of the Las Vegas Convention Center staff will have the rare opportunity to walk the show floor.

“Supervisors and managers are always encouraged to walk the show floor and identify any equipment they feel will assist them with their job functions,” says Spain. “Front line staff members working these areas are encouraged to look at equipment and products while working their assigned areas, as well as during their off time.”

Hosting one of the largest industry-specific trade shows for the jan/san market can be a large undertaking, but it comes with its benefits.

“We’re always excited to host ISSA because it relates to our line of work,” says Spain. “It also gives us an opportunity to solicit staff involvement, so they can make recommendations on the best equipment that will allow them to perform more efficiently and at a higher level of quality for all our clients.”