Long John Silver's

Contributed by New Pig Corporation.

Long John Silver’s is all about making their customers happy. At 14 franchise outlets in central Pennsylvania, they work hard to dish up an enjoyable customer experience along with their signature seafood and chicken.

Although great food is critical, a safe, clean atmosphere also plays a large part in overall customer satisfaction. That’s why the franchise is always looking for better ways to keep beverage stations, tabletops and floors in top condition without sacrificing speedy service.

All the stores used carpeted floor mats in their entrances to prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in. Since the rugs were all they had to keep the floor clean, they also put them in front of beverage stations and in the transition area between the kitchen and dining room.

But the rugs had three fatal flaws: They didn’t fit the spaces where they were needed most, shifted out of position and always looked dirty. The size mismatch and shifting problems became such a safety concern in high-traffic areas that the stores pulled the rugs out of service rather than risk trips and falls. Meanwhile entrance rugs quickly became soiled, and once the dirt got in, it was almost impossible to get it out.

“There was no easy way to keep them clean,” says Regional Manager Mindy Miller.

The rugs moved around or got sucked in the vacuum cleaner.

Running a push sweeper over them removed debris, but left most of the dirt behind. Deep cleaning to remove ground-in soil consisted of employees taking the rugs outside periodically and hosing them off. But after a few days, the rugs would be just as dirty as they were before.

A Slippage Solution

When the franchise heard about Grippy Floor Mat from New Pig, they decided to give it a try. Employees simply rolled out the exact length needed and cut it to fit for perfect floor coverage in entrances, transition areas, beverage stations and other trouble spots.

“Grippy Mats stick and don’t move, so they really become part of the floor. That makes them easy to sweep or vacuum during the day,” says Miller. “Now when we do our nightly cleaning, we mop the mats right along with the floor. No more dirty rugs.”

Miller also says Grippy Mat prevents slips, trips and falls. Behind the counter, the mat adds the traction employees need to work confidently.

Grippy Mat also solved the problem of drips and spills at the beverage station by soaking up liquids to keep the floor dry and clean.

Another stumbling block was finding a way to prevent employees from tracking cooking grease out of the kitchen and into other work areas and customer walkways. Grippy Mat in the transition areas leading to the dining room absorbs grease from employees’ shoes before they can spread it around.

Another Grippy Mat plus is its ultra-low profile. By eliminating the uneven edges that catch on shoes and wheels and cause tripping accidents, Grippy Mat helps keep customers safe during their visit — especially those who are unsteady on their feet.

“They can walk normally without noticing any difference between the mat and the floor surface,” observes Miller.

“Grippy Mats are a huge win for us,” she concludes. “They let us keep our restaurants clean and safe with a lot less work so we can concentrate on taking care of our customers.”