This is part two of an article focusing on odor control and how to properly use fragrances throughout a facility.

If stock is outdated or offputting, don’t rush to switch smells. Work with your vendor, Bessert says, to find the best product for your needs. It may take some trial and error to find the most crowd-pleasing fragrance.

“You’re not always going to get it right the first time,” she says. “One thing I’ve learned from experience is to not over purchase. Try things before you make a big purchase. Distributors that want you as a customer are going to let you try as many items as you need, and in whatever areas you need, before you invest.”

After all, the sense of smell is highly personal. Preferences can vary by gender, age, geographical region and even season.

“We’re not going to please every person in every building,” Bessert says. “But we do try to customize as much as we can.”

To that end, Bessert orders all of her products in a few different scents and lets her custodial staff choose which works best in each of their buildings.

“They know the customers in their buildings better than I do,” Bessert says. “They know who is prone to migraines or reactions.”

It may also be a good idea to switch out scents a few times a year to avoid fragrance fatigue. This allows for variety, and helps with purchasing.

“People do get tired of the same fragrances over and over,” says Smith. “You can change it with the seasons. Use less fragrance in the winter when you are dealing with a warmer room, and choose another fragrance in the summer when air conditioning kicks in.”

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