The efficiencies that have resulted from the use of microfiber flat mopping systems with on-board chemicals at Concordia stretch beyond initial expectations. In addition to improving productivity and worker safety, the use of this system has resulted in more efficient chemical usage, reduced water consumption and provided cleaning versatility.

“When we used traditional swing mops, chemicals were dumped into buckets using the glug method, basically making our own dilution rates that included far too much chemical,” she says. “The chemicals used with our mopping program now are dispensed through a metered, dilution control system so there is consistency in chemical usage based on the needs for a specific task.”

The metering system also controls water usage. According to Strommen, less water is used than if workers were manually diluting products, which not only saves on utility costs, but it improves floor safety. She adds that using less water and less chemical in conjunction with the microfiber, there is less moisture left on mopped floors. This reduces the risks of slip-and-fall accidents.

The mops heads also come in varying sizes and colors, and the handle length can be adjusted for different tasks, allowing managers to customize programs to fit their departmental needs. For example, Strommen’s staff uses this equipment to clean walls, windows and other hard surfaces throughout campus.

“It also works great on tabletops in a classroom or in the auditorium. And it’s fantastic on baseboards,” she says. “You can get it damp and run it along the baseboards all in one sweep.”

Strommen uses the standard flat mop for smooth surfaces, the loop microfiber for textured or grouted floors and the scrubbing pad for difficult areas.

“You also have the versatility if you need to scrub hard,” she says. “You can take a scrub pad and put the flat mop on top of it to use the extra aggression. You don’t have to switch out the whole mop for the task. Instead, workers can use the pressure of the flat mop.”

Strommen made the switch to this on-board chemical mopping system about eight years ago and has seen so many benefits that she doesn’t plan to go back anytime soon.

“This equipment has helped streamline our program,” she says. “I would recommend other departments work with their vendors to find a system that works for them, then get the staff involved. Let the people that have to use it be part of the decision.” 

CORINNE ZUDONYI is the editor of Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine and

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