When it comes to maneuverability, nothing beats battery-powered equipment. Thankfully, there are many backpack vacuums on the market that come with battery options. But how can battery equipment improve productivity? Simple, workers do not have to stop and unplug a cord, look for an outlet and plug it in again.

“The main benefit of a battery is that you are no longer tethered to a cord,” says Schneringer. 

The lack of a cord on a backpack vacuum means that the person cleaning can move around freely without interruption.

“The cleaning technician can easily maneuver around obstacles and between areas if the cord is eliminated,” says Morrison. “As a rule of thumb, I always estimate a 25 to 30 percent increase in productivity when switching from a corded unit to a battery powered unit.”

He adds that cordless equipment is also safer. Without a cord tethering workers to an outlet, there is no worry about causing a trip-and-fall situation or subsequent injuries for either the workers or building occupants.

Battery-powered equipment certainly has it’s benefits, but cord or not, backpack vacuums will only add to a department’s productivity if the equipment is properly fit to each technician.

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