Facility Management No. 11 In Salary Growth

MSN.com recently listed the top 20 jobs expected to have increased salary growth in 2010. According to data compiled by CBSalary.com and SalaryExpert.com, facility management ranked No. 11.

In 2010, facility managers can expect an average salary of $94,491, which is a 4.38 percent increase over last year's average salary of $89,262. The report describes a facility manager as the person who oversees "all things concerned with the operation, repair, maintenance, and construction of facilities, equipment, buildings, and grounds."


In December 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched its voluntary pilot programs for disinfectants and sanitizers that will allow products to display the Design for the Environment (DfE) logo and use certain agency-approved factual statements regarding environmental preferability.

To receive DfE recognition, registrants will be subject to a two-tier review process starting with review by the DfE program that will start accepting applications immediately, followed by a review by the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), which will start accepting applications on May 3, 2010. In addition, OPP started accepting applications for the use of environmental preferable statements on product labels in January.

Distributors can expect to see approved products by summer 2010 at the earliest, according to Bill Balek, legislative affairs director for ISSA, Lincolnwood, Ill., who helped develop the program's parameters.



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