2. Shift your marketing spend

How much of your marketing budget are you spending to tell your story to attract talent? My guess is very little.

I have spent endless hours exploring corporate career sites and company job boards, and few of them appear to make any effort to attract talent. Instead, the marketing is often re-constituted sales material that, from a potential employee’s perspective, is boring and uninspiring.

It’s time to revamp it. Show prospective employees that you understand who they are and what they want. Use videos, social media and testimonials to tell the stories of employees just like them. Show community; show opportunity; show your culture; and maximize social media. Yes, you might need to create a TikTok video. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t fret – find someone who does and put your marketing resources here.

3. Remove barriers

Give this a try. Grab your smartphone and log onto your company website, then look for the career page. Is it easy to find? Next, look at your job openings. Do they look cool, and would a Gen Z be inspired to apply? Remember, 90 percent of job seekers browse for jobs on their mobile devices.

Next, try applying using your mobile phone. Not easy? That’s a problem, because the vast majority of employees in the first 10 years of their careers are applying for jobs using their mobile devices.

Keep going — did you fill out the employment application? Hard, right? Having to search for the names and phone numbers and addresses of previous employers and educational institutions, and then having to populate the application fields using your smartphone is close to impossible.

Simplify your application and keep revising it until it’s easy to complete. Don’t forget to capture candidates who start applications, because if they bailed before completion, it’s probably because it was too hard to complete, not because they weren’t interested. If you captured part of their information, you can follow up.

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