The GRA is a non-profit organization that endorses products that demonstrate environmental leadership and reduce waste generated by the foodservice industry. Environmental consultants work with paper product manufacturers in assessing products and offering GRA's stamp of approval.
Michael Oshman, founder and CEO of the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), comments that these third-party certifications are important because most purchasers aren't experts in chemistry, paper or electric engineering, regardless of whether or not they want to protect the environment. He says that these product certifications protect the restaurant and its credibility.

The GRA has a variety of standards for paper food service disposables. For example, all disposables must be processed chlorine free, but the post-consumer waste level varies per product. For dispenser napkins, the makeup must be 90 percent post-consumer waste. Both roll and multi-fold paper towels require 85 percent post-consumer waste, while toilet tissue must be 60 percent.