Forum Media Group Acquires Facility Cleaning Decisions

I’ve worked on this magazine for almost 13 years and I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of readers. People have pulled me aside at events to make introductions. I’ve had photos taken with readers in hotel lobbies. And once, an overzealous reader even asked for my autograph.

My photo is in the magazine, so it makes sense that I get recognized. What most readers fail to remember, though, is that I’m not a one-person show. There is a team of people working to make this publication the best it can possibly be.

That team centered around one man. Bob Wisniewski joined our company — and the cleaning industry — at the age of 22. He started off selling ads for our sister publication written for distributors, Sanitary Maintenance. Fifteen years later, Bob purchased Trade Press Media Group and became CEO.

In the 30 years since, Bob has invested in this industry by launching both this magazine and our CleanLink website, in addition to a few others in various markets. His vision was to educate the industry by providing quality resources, and that’s definitely come to fruition.

Just days before we went to the printer with this issue, we received news that, after 45 years of dedication, Bob would be stepping down. Flooded with feelings of gratitude and appreciation, as well as a bit of sadness, we wished him well in his retirement.

His absence leaves a hole in our hearts, but we will continue to honor Bob by fulfilling his vision of supplying the best education in the industry. We will do so under the umbrella of Forum Media Group, a global media company based in Germany (don’t worry, I’m staying in Milwaukee!).

It is bitter in that we say farewell to a great leader, a kind man and a very good friend. But it is sweet to join a company that shares our values and our goals of providing strong education and bringing our industry to new heights.

For more information about our acquisition and Forum Media Group, click here.