Increase efficiencies by capitalizing on all the benefits of custodial carts and caddies

Cleaning carts and caddies come in countless shapes and sizes. Some are plastic or cloth, while others are stainless steel. Some offer customization and lockable compartments. Some feature sleek, executive looks, while in others, functionality outweighs appearance. It can be difficult for custodial operations to wade through this sea of options and find a cart that meets their unique needs, but it’s something that must be done.  

A cleaning cart is an essential tool in the custodial industry. These durable carts, designed to hold cleaning supplies and equipment, need to stand the test of time and work well for the job intended.

“Ninety-seven percent of departmental costs are labor,” says Jim Traudt, outside sales manager of Milwaukee-based Right Choice Janitorial Supply. “Selecting the right cleaning cart and setting it up the same way — every time — can increase efficiency and save departments money.”

Think About It

It’s no exaggeration to say that there is an endless supply of options with cleaning carts. Keith Schneringer, Waxie Sanitary Supply director of Channel Marketing and Sustainability, admits that the variety can make it tough for custodial executives to figure out exactly what is needed in their department.

“Some manufacturers make niche products designed for specific market segments, while others make something more generic but scalable,” he says.

In order to select the correct cart for the job, cleaning executives need to think about the environment in which this tool will be used, the tasks workers will perform and the budget available.

When it comes to the environment, Schneringer suggests considering:
 • What surfaces will the cart roll across?
 • Will it move in and out of elevators or narrow hallways?
 • How far will it be pushed?
 • Will it be used inside or outside?
 • Are there noise restrictions in the area?

Considering the tasks at hand, he recommends determining the following:
 • Which workers will be utilizing the cart?
 • Will workers be stocking products carried on the cart?
 • Will they be changing linens?
 • Will they be cleaning restrooms?
 • Will they be removing garbage?
 • Are they mopping or vacuuming floors?
 • Will workers be leaving the cart for a period of time?

Answering the above questions will help pinpoint the type of cart and features necessary to achieve cleaning results.

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