Ben Knight

High turnover and the constant need to onboard new employees is a challenge facing just about everyone in the facility management field, but having an employee like Ben Knight certainly takes some of the headaches out of the process. Knight is just completing a full year working for Guilford County, North Carolina, but to hear his supervisor describe the job he’s done, he might as well be a multi-year veteran.   

“Ben takes ownership of pretty much any building that he works in,” remarks Kevin Haynes, the facilities services supervisor for the county. “We took over cleaning responsibilities at the Juvenile Detention Center and Ben was instrumental in raising the cleaning standards and getting the facility back into code compliance within the North Carolina State Prison System’s regulations and standards.” 

His job responsibilities are sweeping, but not only in broom-and-dustpan sort of way. It falls on Knight to not just sweep, but mop, wax the floors, buff the tiles, vacuum where needed, spot clean carpet, sanitize and stock the restrooms, empty trash, and use the various tools and supplies in accordance with regulations outlined by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It’s not typically the sort of role someone walks into and nails it on the first swing. Floor maintenance, especially in high-traffic areas, isn’t easy. 

“Ben is even willing to come in early to help with the floor maintenance in order to keep the detention center looking presentable for the general public, and keep things in line with the County Sheriff’s standards for cleanliness in the facility,” says Haynes.  

Knight even helps with snow removal when the need arises. In just a year, he’s become the go-to person when a task is causing problems, or a position needs to be covered at a moment’s notice. That kind of dependability doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.  

“Ben’s willingness to help out whenever and wherever he is needed, his knowledge and skill set that he brings to the position, as well as educating and training new hires — he's the perfect candidate for this type of recognition,” says Haynes.  

With such a steadfast dedication to his teammates, the county and the job, it’s impossible to disagree.