Altro Earline Tongue Vol. 1

Earline Tongue is more than her title of janitor implies; she's also a top-flight service provider. Currently, Tongue is focusing that service on the Maryland Treasury and Revenue Buildings in Annapolis, on behalf of her Upper Marlboro, Maryland-based employer Altro Janitorial and Maintenance Service LLC.  

Like countless others cleaning on the frontlines, Tongue faced challenges throughout the pandemic, but she continued to keep her head down and came out the other end on top. According to colleagues, Tongue goes above and beyond the typical call of duty when times get tough. She works exceptionally hard to provide a level of safety and security for anyone who walks through the door. She not only works to continue the standard of excellence established by Altro, but devotes particular attention to making her coworkers and peers feel comfortable by providing training and sharing her expertise. 

When it comes to on-site training, Tongue is celebrated for making each new employee feel secure about their assignments. Coworkers sing her praises to management, grateful for her positive feedback and for always being approachable and caring.  

Tongue is equally appreciated by the tenants and building managers at the Maryland Treasury and Revenue Buildings. They have recognized her with several accolades for her positive attitude, her unsolicited willingness to ensure that the buildings are properly maintained, and for her kindness towards everyone that she meets.  

"I believe that Ms. Earline Tongue deserves this recognition because she is exceptional in performing her duties," says Alice Ellis-Williams, owner of Altro Janitorial and Maintenance Services. "She brings positive energy during a time when many have concerns about the new normal and their health. She also goes the extra mile to help her coworkers and newly hired employees." 

Ellis-Williams adds that Tongue is an excellent employee.  

"She owns every assignment that she is given and gets it done flawlessly," says Ellis-Williams. "She shines in all that she does."