ISSA is the worldwide leader in cleaning industry associations. It has over 7,000 members and offers a multitude of benefits such as educational services, industry certification standards, several types of periodicals and legislative and regulatory services.

Some of the best ISSA offerings for networking and education are their live events. They provide educational conferences, live workshops and an industry-leading annual trade show to their members. These events target both management and staff, so employees at every level can benefit from a membership.

According to Rosie Rangel, director of industry outreach, those members that make the most out of ISSA are proactive.

“You have control over how much you will gain from networking,” she says. “Take advantage of every opportunity by taking part in training workshops, attending events, participating in discussions and connecting with your peers.”

Rangel also suggests making the most out of non-traditional methods for networking.

“When people think of networking, they often think of attending seminars and other events. That’s a great way to network, but there are also ways to meet peers and share ideas without having to travel,” she says. “Social media is an excellent way to network and LinkedIn is a great platform for that. ISSA’s LinkedIn group has more than 23,000 members who actively post discussion topics and industry information.”

When it comes down to it, joining ISSA can help a person enhance their career, make relevant business contacts and improve their overall knowledge of the industry.

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