Custodial managers across the country go about their business from day to day often without ever taking a step back to evaluate the effectiveness of their cleaning procedures, employee performance, OSHA compliance or the overall impact that cleaning has on their facility as a whole.

Experts comment that the reason for this is fear, that if cleaning managers took the time to examine their entire department, they wouldn’t like what they see — not to mention disappoint management. In reality, however, even though this process might be long and grueling, devoting the time to analyzing your department can benefit the entire facility in the long run.

This months cover story focuses on the importance of custodial audits and what cleaning managers can do to either conduct their own, or hire a third-party representative to audit their facility. Conducting custodial audits is a great way to identify the department’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify how managers can improve cleaning quality, employee and customer satisfaction, proficiency, productivity and budget performance.

Regardless of how managers choose to do it, taking that step back from time to time can keep departments up to par and will communicate to both building occupants and management alike that careful planning and care goes into the upkeep of the facility.