School District of Cameron has successfully used H2Orange2 on gym mats, windows, carpeting, and everything between

Contributed by EnvirOx, LLC

Changing to a new cleaning product is never an easy decision, but sometimes the current solution just isn’t working. For Facility Supervisor Mitch Breed from the School District of Cameron, Wisconsin, it all began with wrestling mats.

“They get dirty quickly and the black marks and dirt on them has been really difficult to remove,” Breed says. “We’ve tried several different chemicals on our wrestling mats — none got the dirt off, even if we scrubbed and scrubbed. We even tried a floor scrubber on them, but it didn’t work. We still had black marks and dirty mats.”

Breed decided to try out EnvirOx’s H2Orange2, hoping the innovators of peroxide-based cleaning technology would have a solution that would work where the others had not.

“With just a mop and no effort, it took a lot of the dirt off,” he says. “We used it with our floor scrubber and the mats looked brand new. They look amazing. H2Orange2 has a great smell, and with little effort, it does a really nice job cleaning. The mats are clean, the wrestling coaches are very happy and the students are healthy.”

Following the success of the product on the wrestling mats, Breed started to look at using H2Orange2 for other applications.

“The staff was very skeptical — they were happy with the previous products and the way they smelled. But once they started using H2Orange2, they really enjoyed it. They felt it was safe and that they didn’t have to worry about any effects or harm from the cleaning products,” says Breed.

The change has been successful for the school district, saving thousands over the cleaning product they’d used previously. In particular, Breed calls out how the peroxide-based technology — combined with cold-pressed orange oil — leaves restrooms smelling good.

“You hate to use a product that works, but doesn’t smell good,” he says. “EnvirOx steps right up and takes care of that also.”

The school district uses H2Orange2 on glass, windows and mirrors. They’ve also had success using the versatile cleaning solution on their carpets.

“We removed a lot of dirt from of our carpets by pre-spraying H2Orange2 and extracting with clean water,” says Breed. “We actually thought we would have to replace the carpet in the board room because it was so dirty. But cleaning it with H2Orange2 made the carpet look like brand new and saved us a bunch of money.”

Following the success of this product, the district has no plans to change their cleaning product any time soon.

“I wouldn’t change a darn thing. This is a product that cleans really well, with less effort,” says Breed. “I oversee the custodians and you don’t want to bring them a product that takes more effort to use. Also, price-wise, it’s extremely competitive. We’re really happy with it.”