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Product/equipment purchases and maintenance are the second and third largest line items on cleaning departmental budgets, respectively (behind labor). Making up almost one third of facility cleaning budgets, it's no wonder managers give so much attention to when, how and from whom they purchase.

Facility Cleaning Decisions asked managers in K-12 schools, colleges/universities, as well as healthcare, commercial, hospitality and government facilities to dig into their finances and take a closer look at purchasing trends. Here's what we learned.

Questions include:
How do you purchase your products and equipment?
What is most important when purchasing products/equipment?
What are your biggest priorities when purchasing new products?
Which products will you purchase in the next 12 months?
Do you receive value-added services from your distributor?
What services do you receive from your distributor?
What value-added services would you like to get from your distributor?
Where do you go to find industry information?
What information do you receive from your distributor, manufacturer, retailer/big-box store or the internet?

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