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In this part of the 2022 Facility Cleaning Decisions Management Survey, managers discuss the most important considerations when purchasing equipment, their scope of distributor services, and new safety measure as a part of the COVID-19 pandemic:

What percentage of your cleaning products and equipment are purchased through the following sources?

Are you involved in recommending, specifying and/or purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment used in your facility?

What is most important to you when purchasing products/equipment?

What priorities are most important when considering new products for purchase?

Which of the following products are you responsible for recommending, specifying or purchasing?

What sources do you use to learn about products for potential purchase?

Do you receive value-added services from your distributor?

What services do you receive from your distributor?

What value-added service would you like to get from your distributor?

What information do you receive from your distributor, manufacturer, retailer/big-box store or the internet? 

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