CASE STUDY: Living In Luxury Off-Campus

Contributed by Mats Inc.

Complete with a rooftop terrace, movie theater and fitness center, T-H-E Griff at Ohio State University, in Columbus, features 288 fully furnished apartments and the latest trends in luxurious amenities for off-campus housing. Students describe the environment to be resort-like, which is precisely as the design team intended. Design Studio Director Diana Little of Village Communities in Westerville, Ohio, spearheaded the interiors team in collaboration with Michael Drake, the University’s president.

Socializing areas were considered essential components for fostering the friendly, “resort-like” surroundings. Diana and her team had to critically examine materials that would reliably stand the test of time and the hundreds of young adults. Diana contacted local Mats Inc. Sales Representative Mark Sadauskas to provide advice on the flooring surfaces that would receive the highest foot traffic and require commercial-grade durability. Mark offered a variety of recommendations for the building’s main entrance and the enormous common areas, which included the game room and fitness center. 

At the entry, Diana selected Journey Tile carpet matting in Galapagos Green for its contemporary linear pattern and the accent color, which coordinated perfectly with other interior finishes. The tile construction comprised of a combination of heavy-duty nylon scraping and drying fibers that would help remove debris and moisture from student’s shoes, reduce the risk of slips and improve interior cleanliness.

A hip, industrial vibe was needed for the game room and Diana’s team decided on Floorworks Tile with a metallic finish called Deckplate. The commercial quality LVT with a thick wear layer and easy-to-clean surface was an excellent choice to resist indentation from heavy pool tables and furniture, avoid scuffs and scratches from heavy foot traffic and assure long-lasting good looks. 

The Design Studio Director created a versatile fitness center that would allow students to use the facility for cardio workouts, weightlifting or group activity. Flooring with sports performance attributes was necessary to ensure athletic safety. Slip resistant and impact absorbent properties would help prevent injury, and the flooring’s density would indicate its ability to withstand heavy weights and cardio equipment. Diana considered Woodflex vinyl flooring and several other multipurpose sports solutions by Mats Inc., but ultimately selected Panorama recycled rubber flooring because of the sports performance features and extensive color options. She used the Mats Inc. online color tool, Mixology, to create a custom color incorporating the blue and green of the overall design scheme. 

Students have been enjoying the comforts and conveniences of T-H-E Griff complex since the fall 2016 semester. Both the designer and the university president are still incredibly pleased with their common area flooring choices.