Legit or not, it seems that building occupants will always find something to complain about. Certainly, managers can anticipate calls about low stock or an emergency spill, but what often keeps the job interesting are some of the more creative comments that cross their desk.

Check out some of the most bizarre comments managers have received below. If you have a complaint or bizarre comment that you’d like to share with us, send them to corinne.zudonyi@tradepressmedia.com. All submissions will be kept anonymous. 

What percentage of complaints or requests would you describe as purely subjective or frivolous?

Managers have been very or somewhat successful at minimizing the number of subjective or frivolous complaints using these methods.

What are some of the most bizarre comments or complaints you have received?
• The heat is working, but it’s 2 degrees too warm
• The people in the next room are too noisy
• I left my makeup in the restroom and now it’s gone
• Our computer projector is not working
• A teacher wrote a custodial work order for us to pick up all the pine cones on the grounds because the kids were throwing them at each other
• Someone parked in “their” parking spot
• You should stock all the toilet paper so it is turned in the same direction in each stall
• I saw a possum outside on the grounds
• The cleaner left a paper clip in the trash can
• I spilled soda on the floor and now it’s sticky
• Calls from moms and dads that their [college-age] son/daughter has a concern
• The toilet paper is not soft enough
• There is too much light in the room
• My cell phone keeps falling into the toilet/sink
• Why do/don’t we have perforated toilet paper
• When I started at the school, I noticed how bad the floors looked. Over summer break, I had the crew scrub and wash the floor. When the teachers returned from summer vacation, they filed a grievance saying I didn’t notify them before they left. My reply was, “While I’m here, we will clean all the rooms.”
• We have a staff member call us with an odor complaint every time another coworker uses the restroom
• You should be cleaning the restroom every 30 minutes
• Someone keeps stealing the toilet paper
• There are too many leaves that fall from the trees
• Can you redirect the heat to my cubemate so I’m kept cool and he stays warm
• Someone is always in the bathroom when I need it

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