Following the publication of our last issue, I received an unexpected e-mail from a reader. All it said was, “You do an awesome job. Thank you.”

My heart swells just thinking about how kind that was, yet how rare. How often do we reach out to tell someone “thank you,” or offer them a “good job” or “I appreciate you?” All anyone wants is to be recognized and it’s human nature to want to be appreciated.

You as managers might show appreciation to your staff, but are you getting the recognition you deserve?

This got me thinking. I try to get to know my readers (as much as one person can know 38,000 other people) and those of you who I have connected with do fantastic things to make a difference in this industry. And I know you aren’t alone. So, I would like to recognize you.

Facility Cleaning Decisions has just announced open nominations for “Managers of Distinction.” This award will recognize a small group of phenomenal managers that stand out in this industry because of the differences they have made.

Nominate yourself or a colleague (as long as they hold a management-level position). All you have to do is explain why you think they deserve the acknowledgement. Winners of the award will be recognized with a certificate and will be profiled in an upcoming issue.

For additional details on the program and to nominate yourself or something else, visit

Corinne Zudonyi is the editor of Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine and