At Healthy Schools Campaign, we recognize the importance of providing students and staff with the opportunity to learn and work in a place that is healthy and safe. HSC is based on the simple and common sense notion that healthy students are better learners and that health and wellness should be incorporated into every aspect of the school experience.

We advocate for policies and practices that support student health and school wellness. We also build the capacity of the district, schools and communities so that change is meaningful and sustainable.

We recognize that how schools are built and maintained contribute to a positive setting for learning and working. We recognize that an institution’s approach to cleaning says a lot about how they value students and staff, the communities they are located in, the planet, and their sense of connectedness to the broader good and future generations. 

Also, we recognize that all of that takes strong leaders in schools and universities across the country to help steward these institutions down the right path. Supporting those leaders is at the core of our Green Clean Schools program. We’re building a network of facility directors and operators across the country.

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Driving The Green Cleaning Movement In Schools