Whether it’s a matter of learning about the new tools available or getting past a fear of change, BSCs who shift their mindset about window cleaning could reap some serious benefits.

First and foremost, a BSC can retain business that would otherwise have been contracted out. That represents a very real boost in revenue potential.

“Every building they clean has windows. Right now they’re contracting it out, so they’re making a very small percentage vs. the total percentage,” says Pat Marsh, president at IPC Eagle, Eagan, Minnesota. “It’s fast work, so it’s a very lucrative job on the specialty-cleaning side.”

Window cleaning can also help a BSC tap into new markets and clients. If the BSC gets into the building as a window cleaner first, he can prove his value and later sell his janitorial services, as well. Or, having the added service may help a BSC win bids for which they’d otherwise fall short.

“Adding this to their resumes might tip the balance in their favor when competing for additional contracts,” says Maureen Newman, marketing manager for Mr. LongArm Inc., Greenwood, Missouri.

Last but not least, offering window cleaning furthers a BSC’s commitment to customer service. Building owners prefer streamlined accounting, so having one-stop shopping for all their cleaning needs is a big benefit. While a BSC could do this and still subcontract the work, keeping it in-house is the best way to control the client relationship.

“Window-cleaning contractors have many other customers, and during busy periods your subcontractor may be juggling his manpower over a number of jobsites,” says Craig Mawlam, CEO of Ionic Systems Limited, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, with distribution in the United States. “Customers always prefer to have all their windows cleaned start to finish at one time. Adding window cleaning to a BSC’s range of services is the best way to guarantee this.”

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