When hiring an individual to work for Suffolk County Cleaning, we want someone who truly cares about cleaning. We do not want a person representing our company who is merely working for the money. Our establishment desires affiliation with a cleaner who is going to give the job their all. We also seek out a person who genuinely enjoys cleaning, and derives pleasure from the work that they do. We want our employees to create an absolutely immaculate environment for our valued patrons. Finally, our last crucial component is choosing an employee that wishes to form an enduring relationship with our establishment, as well as our treasured clientele. Many members of our workforce have forged strong bonds with our customers, and we all work together like a family. We at Suffolk County Cleaning wouldn’t have it any other way!

Michael Ofrias
CEO & President
Suffolk County Cleaning
Suffolk, N.Y.

In an industry known for high turnover, hiring for a janitorial position can be a real challenge. Training takes time and is expensive, so we want to invest in someone who is going to stick around for a long time.

To increase the chances of hiring a long-term employee, we look at attitude, work ethic and work history.

The best cleaner in the world, with a bad attitude or work ethic, can kill company morale across the board, especially in a large building with multiple cleaners. A team player — someone who puts the company’s best interest first — is key to the success of our business.

We look for clues in both their work and personal history to paint a picture of what brought them to us. The more we are able to get a real sense of the person, the easier our decision making is.

Cheyne Brokate
Vice President of Operations
Brokate Janitorial LLC
Springfield, Mo.

Without question, the most important traits I look for when hiring a janitor, or anyone else for that matter, are high character and integrity. Will they strive to do the right thing and be consistent in how they perform their work and treat people?  

I can typically discern, or get a “vibe,” if an applicant is a good candidate or not. In the interview process, we should be able to reasonably determine if an applicant will be a team player and have the ability to communicate effectively with customers and fellow co-workers. Will a person take responsibility for mistakes they make and are they accountable? Will they be dependable and are they coachable? Interviews and references typically shed much light on a person’s character. We have excellent employees and we’re very cognizant that without a great team, we would not be in business.

Rick Hoffman, Owner
Aspen Building Services
Oklahoma City, Okla.