We try to run a tight ship in terms of mobile device use in our company, not only from a work production standpoint, but more importantly, for safety reasons. Managers, crew leads and fill-in staff are allowed to carry cell phones only for communicating with each other and work-related reasons. Some staffers have two-way mobile devices to communicate with customers and/or other staff within a facility.  

Managers are allowed to use mobile touch devices for conducting quality audits and building surveys. We do not allow managers and staff that have access to company vehicles to use cell phones and or other mobile devices while driving from account to account. Building staff members are encouraged to keep their mobile devices, including iPods, MP3 players, in their car or at home.

There are many distractions that come with the different environments that we service, and so we try to eliminate the ones that we can to avoid workplace accidents.

Travis Ryan, General Manager
EnviroTech Building Services

St. Cloud, Minn.

Our mobile device (cells, smart phones, iPods, MP3s, etc.) policy is that they cannot be used during work time. They are permitted during break and meal periods and in the case of an emergency. They are distracting and that inattention can easily cause an accident. Our employees must be alert, engaged and aware of their surroundings at all times.

The devices also are a huge waste of time and in our business, time is literally money. We are paid to provide “x” hours of coverage and we pay our employees to work that same number of hours. Two minutes here, five minutes there starts adding up and if you multiply that across your workforce you will see how much money is being stolen from you and your clients.  

Chris Waldheim, CFO
J’s Maintenance

Glendale, Calif.

Our cell phone policy for front line staff is simple. Cell phone use on the job is prohibited except during authorized break times. Staff may carry a cell phone for emergencies, but if they use it for personal use, they must be able to prove it was an emergency. A violation of this policy results in progressive discipline.

Easy to say, difficult to enforce.

Paul Taylor, President
ESS Clean Inc.
Urbana, Ill.