Mary Miller
Mary Miller

I have the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2. The calendar is easy to read on the iPad and I finally feel like I know where and when I'm supposed to be somewhere. The iPad is easier to read (larger screen) than the iPhone 4 but sometimes while waiting for a meeting, the iPhone is easier to pull out of my handbag.

Having all my contacts and e-mails with me makes life much easier and I use the "Notes Plus" app on the iPad for all my meetings. It allows me to record the meeting if I want to, I can e-mail my notes as a PDF and I don't lose the notes.


Mary Miller, CEO
JANCOA Janitorial Services Inc.

John Garrett
John Garrett

After beta testing
a variety of best-selling handwriting applications designed for the iPad, I have personally found Penultimate the most user-friendly and equally functional application available.

With multiple paper designs to utilize, you can easily take notes, keep sketches, brainstorm ideas during a meeting, all through either the use of a Stylus, or simply your finger (although I highly recommend the use of a Stylus — I prefer Boxwave).

The user interface is very intuitive, and quite easy to navigate. You can choose pen styles, and colors. The notebooks I create can be labeled for easy access in a rather easy-to-navigate library. I am able to e-mail my notes as a PDF file, either in entirety, or individual pages.

This is by far the one of the most often used apps I utilize. It's a terrific tool for the "Road Warrior," and allows one to go virtually "paperless," which further reflects our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

John Garrett, Executive Vice President
Able Services
San Francisco

Linda Kafka
Linda Kafka

I wear many hats. First and foremost, I'm a mother to a wonderful daughter whose active teen life is filled with sports and friends which keeps me on the go most weekends. I am also owner and president of City Wide Maintenance of San Diego. Between the two, I couldn't live without Evernote, an app for iPad.

Evernote helps me remember everything, from business notes and ideas to which pool I need to be at for my daughter's water polo tournament. I can jot down ideas for our marketing and sales teams, keep track of valued customers, tag files for searching and easy access, as well as take photos and record events. I recommend the upgraded version, which gives you the ability to sync Office documents quickly and increase megabyte upload ability.

With Evernote, I'm able to multi-task and stay organized in business, so I can relax and enjoy the important times with my family.

Linda Kafka, President
City Wide Maintenance
San Diego

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